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Houston Texans' J.J. Watt's Shares His Diet, Includes Local Barbecue

ESPN got the details on J.J. Watt's Diet, including where he likes to get lean cuts of brisket.

Houston Texan J.J.Watt
Houston Texan J.J.Watt
Bob Levey/Getty Images

When Houston's J.J. Watt needs to beef up his intake from 6,000 to 9,000 calories a day, he reaches for bacon wrapped chicken breasts. mashed sweet potatoes, and even gets a little help from Killen's Barbecue. The beloved player has reportedly created a friendship with chef Ronnie Killen that involves smoked turkey and lean cuts of brisket sent directly to Watt. Aside from the mob of adoring fans (although no word if they would give up a spot in the line at Killen's) it's the carrot cake, banana pudding and bread pudding that keeps Watt away from Pearland location, unless it's a cheat-day.

Watt wouldn't divulge the exact details of his diet, but Killen did note that when it comes to barbecue Watt doesn't like sauces much he likes to keep it simple. And keeping with that simplicity, the player doesn't have a personal chef. Killen also noted that when he opens his burger place soon the No. 99 burger on the menu (a turkey burger with ground-up mushroom inside it) will be named after the athlete. [ESPN]