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Back to School: Collegiate Eats and Drinks in Houston

We're looking into your favorite collegiate hot spots in Houston.

Rice University
Rice University
Rice University/ Facebook

The fall 2015 school year is about to begin and with a handful of universities and colleges within the loop, we're compiling a list of what any incoming college student will need: Where to Eat, Where to Drink, and Where to Take a Date on Campus.

So coogs, owls, tigers and whatever St. Thomas' mascot is (please let it be disco Kroger) send us your tips and hidden hot spots on campus or nearby for your favorite collegiate establishment in Houston. Spots like, ValhallaTimmy Chan's and Woodbar places you're likely to find a backpack, a college-friendly special or within walking proximity to a Biology class.

Send us your tips in the comments below, on Facebooktwitter or to our tipline.


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