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Houston Heavyweights Team up To Create The Cortado - The Buzziest Stout in Htown

Southside Epresso, The Hay Merchant, and Brash Brewing Company Team Up With New Cortado Stout — by Andrew Kozma

Southside Espresso with artwork by Kim Cybert
Southside Espresso with artwork by Kim Cybert
Southside Espresso/Facebook

This coming Saturday, August 8, Brash Brewing Company, Southside Espresso, and The Hay Merchant will be combining forces to become the Justice Friends of Brunch, Coffee, and Beer. Starting at 8 a.m. at both Southside Espresso and The Hay Merchant, Brash's new beer will be unveiled to the public.

The Cortado is an imperial coffee breakfast stout rumored to be around 10% alcohol, which is enough to knock you on your butt before your day even gets started. This is probably why, even if you start your morning with a beer at Southside, you should head on over to The Hay Merchant in order to get in on their early morning brunch menu (three hours earlier than normal set for 8 a.m.), served along, of course, with more Cortado.

Made with the Guatemala Flor Del Café coffee beans roasted by Fusion Beans, the roasting company owned by Southside Espresso's founder Sean Marshall, the Cortado is a beer for those who like coffee. According to The Hay Merchant web site, Brash boasts that "you'll hate this beer if you don't like coffee. If you do like coffee, you may never drink regular coffee again." According to Brash, the Cortado is "[l]ike having coffee for breakfast, if coffee was a ninja with solid gold pants."

Southside Espresso

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The Hay Merchant

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