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Blue Bell Ice Cream - Homemade Vanilla
Blue Bell Ice Cream - Homemade Vanilla
Blue Bell/Facebook

Eater Houston contacted Blue Bell Creameries after online rumors began to swirl in various food blogs on Facebook the Brenham, Texas-based factory was potentially producing the beloved ice cream again. The rumors began with multiple sightings of a full-parking lot at the facility northwest of Houston.

Blue Bell had only recently announced they are in the process of calling back about 200 workers, previously furloughed at the company's Sylacauga plant in Alabama due to a shutdown related to a listeria contamination. But when contacted for information regarding the Brenham factory we were told by customer service representatives, "employees are working, but we aren't producing anything right now," at the Texas plant. Of note, there seemed to be a subtle hint in the "right now,"

The company recalled all of its products after at least 10 people were diagnosed with listeria, three of whom died in April. Blue Bell decided due to the outbreak to close its four locations across Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas for cleaning and employee training.

But with production resuming at the Alabama plant (and that full parking lot in Brenham) there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. In a written statement provided to the American-Statesman the factory stated, "We are producing ice cream," and the "ice cream we are producing is being added to our inventory. At this time, we do not have a date when our products will return to market."

Blue Bell Creameries

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