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State of Grace Slightly Pushes Anticipated Opening Date

We'll have to wait until October, but the sign is up and movement is happening at the new River Oaks restaurant.

State of Grace
State of Grace
Emily Bond

The initial September opening seems to be have been pushed a little closer to mid -October for the highly anticipated Ford Fry foray into the River Oaks dining scene, State of Grace.

The restaurant, set to be a Gulf-inspired coastal cuisine with a Southern touch, is showing signs of development and keeping in check with the overall aesthetic of the mid-century River Oaks strip it shares with fellow high-end hot spot Sid Mashburn.

A new sign was recently added to the exterior along the curved left-side of the building, along with silhouettes of two bucks placed along the right front of the restaurant. State of Grace is likely to be a posh spot given its zip code and the buzz around Fry's ability to create dining experience that are both visually stunning, inventive and down-right delectable.

State of Grace

3258 Westheimer Road, , TX 77098 (832) 942-5080 Visit Website