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Piada Italian Street Food Drops DIY Pasta Next Month in Memorial Park

Will it be the Chipotle of Italian food?


As you know, Ohio-based Piada Italian Street Food has made plans to open it's first handful of Texas locations this year starting with Houston. On October 2nd, the first of two will open in Memorial Park, followed by a second location in Sugar Land later in the month.

Will Piada be the Chipotle of Italian food? We know this: patrons move through an efficient assembly-line to select from DIY wraps, pasta bowls or salads filled with choices from an array of Italian meats, sauces and veggies.

Founder Chris Doody acknowledges Houston's existing "excellent Italian offerings," and hopes to combine some of that quality and authenticity with a quicker service model The central location of the first Piada certainly won't hurt.

— Wes Griffin