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The Burger Joint Set to Open Fall in the Montrose

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Catch them in the Burger Joint truck until then.

The Burger Joint Food Truck
The Burger Joint Food Truck
Wes Griffin

As previously reported, Shawn Bermudez and Matthew Pak's reinvention of Little Big's as The Burger Joint is fully underway. According to the man behind the wheel of the Burger Joint truck parked at the GreenStreet plaza in downtown Houston yesterday, "We expect a full blown restaurant opening in 2 or 3 weeks."

In addition to the standards, you can test out variations like the Opa! Greek-salad topped burger or the Korean-BBQ-inspired Kimchi Burger. While you salivate until then you can catch the truck at various locations around Houston by following them via Facebook and on their website.

Be sure to eat a cheeseburger tomorrow in honor of national cheeseburger day!

— Wes Griffin