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GM Brian Doke Says Goodbye to Tiny's No. 5

Patio at Tiny's No. 5
Patio at Tiny's No. 5
Tiny Boxwoods

Tiny's No. 5 is a fixture in the West University neighborhood and lines start early for brunch (and lunch and dinner), and they offer small seasonal menus and scratch made cooking which never disappoints. Also, they have recently announced an expansion into Austin which we are very excited about.

We have learned that Brian Doke who currently works as the general manager and director of operations will be departing and they are on the hunt for someone to fill his (big) shoes.

They have their work cut out - Doke's brother, Baron, is also the head chef and one of the co-owners, so there will be a personal dynamic that may be impossible to replace. Tiny's will surely miss their longtime GM who's moving on to pursue other personal endeavors. We will patiently wait and eat another cookie.