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Revolucion Coffee + Juice To Launch In Houston

Specializing in cold-pressed juice, coffee and nut milks from San Antonio, coming soon to the Heights.

Revolucion Coffee + Juice Lineup
Revolucion Coffee + Juice Lineup
Revolucion Facebook

You may have seen Randy Ray out and about manning a little booth at one of the farmer's markets and pop-ups around town giving out samples and selling out of his cold-pressed juices, coffees and nut milks.  Revolucion Coffee + Juice was founded in San Antonio but Randy and the team have since relocated to Houston and has been working the farmer's market circuit while he scouted out a permanent home.

They have secured a lease at 1231 W. 11th Street at Shepherd Drive in the Heights and are aiming for a March grand opening date. If you haven't seen Randy or Revolucion, you're missing out on something special and healthy: Cold-pressed juices and coffees and nut milks with interesting combos and twists like sweet potato cashew milk, or the "Black Gold" juice with lemon, lime, ginger, agave and activated charcoal. For now check his site and catch him around town until the opening.

Pro tip: You can usually find him posted up at the Rice Village Flea the second weekend of every month, both Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.