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Lucky Fig Truck Serves Farm to Street For Dinner at Art Gallery in Montrose

Houston's farm-to-table food truck will be serving up dinner five days a week at Suga Art Gallery.

The Lucky Fig Truck
The Lucky Fig Truck
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"Farm to street" truck Lucky Fig which opened last year will now serve dinner five nights a week at the Suga Art Gallery on Westheimer in the Montrose neighborhood.  The concept brings farm to table from a food truck by chef, cookbook author and TV personality Luca Manfé. Hours will be 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday and until midnight Thursday through Saturday.

"We worked hard to create a concept to meet the needs of a fast-growing niche market in Houston," said Luca Manfé, executive chef of The Lucky Fig. "People are taking a keen interest in where their food comes from and we are able to provide answers down to each ingredient." Equipped with a repertoire including a nationally acclaimed victory on FOX's hit show MasterChef, top selling cookbook and private dinner business

The truck itself is pretty sweet - a 1954 Ford P500 hailing from Portland, was first used as a USPS delivery truck. Manfé care-fully updated it with modern flairs while preserving its retro integrity by maintaining the truck's original frame and renovating the interior to include the addition of deluxe Electrolux appliances. The vintage truck's unique style resonates with a sense of nostalgia for the quality of food from years gone by. The well-rounded menu always uses locally sourced and organic ingredients, bridging together Italian favorites and modern street food.

The seasonal menu features classics from Manfé's cookbook, including "My Mother's Meatballs," and new directives such as polenta fries and risotto balls. Customers enjoy daily specials, including vegetarian op-tions, such as paninis made with homemade focaccia and ciabatta, homemade pastas and more. Manfé fea-tures the delicious Italian dessert company, Bauli, daily in The Lucky Fig's creative dessert options.

"We want to introduce a vintage concept focusing on homemade, authentic items made from local, fresh ingredients." Manfé assembled experts, including farmers, to advise on the most fresh, local and organic ingredients in the area. Everything served by The Lucky Fig is selected to ensure quality and is easily traced from the street back to the farm.