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Durham House Hires McElroy As New Chef

Buzzing new upscale cajun restaurant does a chef shuffle after opening only a few months ago.

Chef Mike McElroy
Chef Mike McElroy

The Durham House has breathed new life into the former Woodrows Heights location only a few months ago with their grand opening. With an acute focus on upscale cajun and gulf coast seafood, they have turned heads with their attention to detail and selection of privy wines, beers and spirits.

Owner Raj Natarajan Jr has announced that he has brought Mike McElroy on board as the new Chef to oversee the kitchen. Stepping down from the original post is Don Schoenburg who created the initial menu concept and brought in a fresh herb garden and what may be Houston's first no-waste kitchen.

McElroy, is a local Houston chef who's resume includes the Rollin' Kitchen food truck will have big shoes to fill.

The Durham House

1200 Durham Dr, Houston, TX 77007 (713) 864-5600 Visit Website