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Frank's Americana Revival Promotes Colin Shine to Executive Chef

Chef Colin has exciting things planned for family-owned River Oaks eatery.

Chef Colin Shine
Chef Colin Shine
Frank's Americana Revival

Frank's Americana Revival announces today that Colin Shine has been promoted to to Executive Chef and in addition to overseeing the kitchen has some exciting new things planned for this year.

Chef Colin is the youngest of the family and has been with the restaurant since day one.  What's interesting is that he started in the front of the house as the head bartender and then literally worked his way through the kitchen in the back and eventually made his way to the sous chef spot.

"Chef Colin is a passionate chef whose vision and perspective has brought an imaginative twist to every dining experience," says Michael Shine, Owner at Frank's Americana Revival & White Star Bar. "He has become the artisan mind behind our reinterpretation of the American cuisine and the guardian of all our family's culinary secrets. We are very excited to announce him as our Executive Chef."