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Our/Houston Vodka Distillery To Launch In EaDo by Local Tastemakers

Our/Houston. Our Vodka. Keeping it local.

Omar Afra and Dutch Small of Our/Houston Vodka Distillery
Omar Afra and Dutch Small of Our/Houston Vodka Distillery

Houston's own culture impresarios Omar Afra and Dutch Small have teamed up with Pernod Ricard to expand their Our Family vodka brand to Houston, simply called Our/Vodka. You may not realize it but Omar and Dutch are likely responsible or played a major part in many of Houston's greatest cultural events: Music festivals, pop-up dinners, art shows and parties. But know now that they are the duo responsible for putting Houston on the map for a creative and exciting vodka concept by Pernod Ricard.  The idea is simple: produce world-class vodka locally. Sourcing local teams, spaces, ingredients and local marketing brainpower, each city will produce it's own micro-distillery which it can call it's own. The brand has already taken off in Amsterdam, Berlin, Detroit, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Seattle.

Best known as partners in many of Houston's biggest events, Omar Afra and Dutch Small are heading up the team behind Our/Houston. Individually vetted by a global team, longtime friends Afra and Small were chosen to create a local vodka brand because of their devotion to Houston, their long history of community involvement, and their commitment to developing the city's culture and profile. Combining their knowledge of working in hospitality (Omar launched popular bar/eatery Lowbrow in the Montrose district as well as formerly operating

Houston's most famous music venue, Fitzgerald's and Dutch does events as well as restaurant and spirits PR) and music (Omar is the founder of FPSF and the duo is partnered in the recently minted Day for Night) they make the perfect pair for the project. Their passion and extensive, collective life experience ensure a refreshing grounding for producing and selling vodka by taking an un-traditional route and instigating meaningful collaborations and new partnerships with like- minded people. Aiming to bolster and support local businesses, civic leaders, and non-profit organizations by actively engaging as a creative and responsive member of the community, Our/Houston will quickly become an integral feature of the city's connective tissue.

In every city, Our/Vodka is produced, blended and hand bottled in its respective micro-distillery following the same global recipe, but the use of different ingredients give each vodka its own, unique flavor profile. The local partners give the brand in each city their own stamp and character.

Suggested serve - keep it simple, it's vodka.

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