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Blue Bell Announces Yet Another Ice Cream Recall

Not the cookie dough. Anything but the cookie dough.

Get ready to toss your Cookie Two Step
Blue Bell
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It’s been a rough couple of years for iconic Texas ice cream producer Blue Bell. The Brenham-based company has been forced to issue a number of recalls after production facilities were found to be contaminated with listeria, but roared back this year with its newest, camo-colored offering.

But Blue Bell’s problems are still far from over. The Dallas Morning News reports that Blue Bell has issued a recall for all flavors made with cookie dough sourced from a third-party producer in Iowa. Like the ice cream, the cookie dough used in Blue Bell’s product tested positive for the presence of listeria bacteria.

Along with flavors like Krazy Kookie Dough sold in ice cream shops, the recall includes Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Cookie Two-Step ice cream produced between February 7 and September 2. The listeria-tainted product was sold in sixteen states, including Texas. Which means that you may want to check your freezer if there’s a pint of Blue Bell in there.

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