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Scope Out The Menu For Peli Peli Kitchen Before It Opens Next Week

Naan tacos, röstis & more await

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Pork belly, peppadews, and more await.
Peli Peli Kitchen/Facebook
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After bringing an upscale taste of South Africa to Houston, Peli Peli is expanding into the fast-casual world with the arrival of Peli Peli Kitchen.

At present, the finishing touches are being put on the new Peli Peli Kitchen space at 9090 Katy Freeway, in the Gateway @ Spring Valley development. Unlike its upscale sister restaurant, Peli Peli Kitchen will serve quick, South African-inspired meals that each clock in at under $15. The most expensive item on the menu is the whole peri-peri rotisserie chicken, $28, which feeds four and comes complete with sides.

You’ll also find naan tacos and brioche buns that can be stuffed with shrimp & lobster, chicken, or mesquite-rubbed pork belly. Breakfast tacos will be available in the morning, along with a selection of röstis, or hashbrowns topped with pork belly or salmon, peppadews, and poached egg.

The restaurant hopes to softly open the doors by next Wednesday, and will officially open on October 24. In the meantime, Eater got a sneak peek at Peli Peli Kitchen’s menu ahead of its opening. Feast your eyes on the new dishes, and prepare to drool.