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David Keck Is No Longer Camerata’s Master Sommelier

The beloved wine expert plans to stick around Houston

You’ll no longer find Master Somm David Keck behind this bar.
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After nearly three years of turning Camerata into one of Houston’s best wine bars, Master Sommelier David Keck has left the building.

CultureMap reports that Keck has left his post as the head wine expert at Camerata, the cozy wine bar adjacent to Paulie’s. Keck hasn’t commented on the reason for his departure, only that he thinks that his partner (and Camerata owner) Paul Petronella is “pretty sure that he knows how to run the wine program.”

Whether or not that points to any animosity between the former business partners is up for interpretation, but Camerata will now be in the hands of general manager Lindsay Thomas, a recent addition to the staff who is certified as an Advanced Sommelier.

Keck does plan to stick around Houston for the foreseeable future, though he hasn’t announced where he’ll land just yet. “I’m here. This is where things are awesome,” Keck said. “The wine business is cranking. I’m not going anywhere.”

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