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Axelrad’s Newest Cocktail Specials Are A Delicious Jab At Donald Trump

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You can now get drunk on the Nasty Woman and Bad Hombre

Do your civic duty, then go have a drink.

The 2016 presidential race is, thankfully, entering its final weeks. Considering that we all need a drink at this point, it’s no surprise that a Houston bar took a few of Republican candidate Donald Trump’s more offensive remarks from the third presidential debate and turned them into delicious, delicious cocktails.

Starting yesterday, popular Midtown haunt Axelrad introduced a few new cocktail specials that poke fun at two Trump comments — calling his opponent a “nasty woman,” and referring to some immigrants as “bad hombres” — in a decidedly delicious way.

First up is the Bad Hombre, a bitter and smoky libation mixed with mezcal, Aperol, and vermouth. The cocktail is served on the rocks, and garnished with a flamed orange peel, which seems like a decidedly appropriate garnish for a Trump-inspired cocktail. According to Axelrad, the cocktail serves up “bigly flavors.”

The Nasty Woman is a more direct jab at Trump, described as a glass full of the “sensual flavors of misogyny.” The cocktail is a mix of barrel rested gin, creme de cacao, and lemon.

No word yet on how long the specials will be available, but you can reasonably expect for them to stick around at least until the 2016 electoral shitshow is over.

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