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Ninja Ramen Dressed Up Like Anvil Bar & Refuge For Halloween

It’s awesome.

Greatest Halloween costume ever.
Ninja Ramen/Facebook

Whatever elaborate get-up you’ve planned for tonight’s festivities, your Halloween costume has already been outdone. Dressing up as one of Houston’s favorite watering holes, Ninja Ramen has officially created the best Halloween costumes of all time.

Over the weekend, the popular noodle spot underwent a serious makeover to become Anvil Bar & Refuge, Bobby Heugel’s award-winning Montrose cocktail bar. Changing its name to Anvil Ninja Bar, the restaurant created a splatter-painted, Anvil-influenced sign on butcher paper, dressed up its bartenders like Jessey Qi and Alex Negranza, and served up a menu of cocktails inspired by the bar.

A video created to show off the Halloween costume has since gone semi-viral, racking up more than 28,000 views on Facebook over the weekend. If you’ve ever enjoyed a few (or many) drinks at Anvil Bar & Refuge, you’ll probably find the video pretty hilarious — and spot-on.

Check it out here:

For their part, Anvil Bar & Refuge pulled off a pretty sweet Star Wars group costume.

Anvil’s Star Wars costume totally got upstaged.
Anvil Bar & Refuge/Facebook

Unfortunately, Ninja Ramen is closed on Mondays, which means you won’t be able to check out the “costume” if you didn’t see it over the weekend.

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