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Chef Travis Lenig Will Soon Open Field & Tides In The Heights

Lenig has departed his post at F.E.E.D. TX

Liberty Kitchen and Oyster Bar
Chef Travis Lenig is no longer leading the menu at Liberty Kitchen
Liberty Kitchen/Facebook
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If you’ve dined Liberty Kitchen or Little Liberty, you’ve likely enjoyed the cuisine of Chef Travis Lenig. After five years, though, Lenig is ready to stretch his legs with a brand new concept of his own.

The Houston Press reports that Lenig has parted ways with F.E.E.D. TX, the restaurant group that owns the Liberty Kitchen and Little Liberty concepts. The break is described as “amicable,” and born out of Lenig’s desire to open his own restaurant. “I believe it’s every chef’s dream to own your own kitchen,” Lenig told the Press. “It’s just what we strive and work to do, and if you’re given an opportunity, how can pass that up?”

That big new opportunity is Field & Tides, a concept that he will open in the former Zelko Bistro space. The menu will focus on locally sourced American cuisine with a special focus on Gulf seafood and locally raised pork, beef, and game. Look forward to an “upscale casual” vibe and what Lenig calls “the best patio in the Heights.” We’ll see about that.

Field & Tides is expected to open “before Christmas” of this year. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.