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Chef Chris Shepherd Teases His Forthcoming Steakhouse Via Instagram

One Fifth’s first concept is set to debut next year.

Chris Shepherd in an apron.
Chris Shepherd
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When it was announced that Chef Chris Shepherd was planning to open five different restaurant concepts in the same space, many people wondered exactly what that was going to look like. Over the weekend, Shepherd provided a few delicious hints as to what the first iteration is going to look like.

On the restaurant’s Instagram account, Shepherd shared photos from a private “sneak peek” party, and they’re pretty great. The first of five concepts that Shepherd is planning is his take on a steakhouse, which means that you’ll find classed-up classics like creamed kale spiked with bacon and sausage in lieu of boring old creamed spinach, and a decadent twice-baked potato the restaurant describes as “potato lasagna.”

Underbelly pastry chef Victoria Dearmond is in charge of desserts, whipping up sweets like a towering chocolate cake topped with chocolate-covered Chex cereal and a cast iron apple pie served with cheddar ice cream.

One Fifth is set to debut in January. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the dishes you’ll be able to eat when Shepherd’s newest, and most ambitious, concept arrives.

Slow braised goat neck, olives, tomato, shallots @onefifthhouston

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Carrots, @bentonsbacon country ham, aged balsamic @onefifthhouston

A photo posted by One Fifth Houston (@onefifthhouston) on

Chilled Octopus, toasted garlic, chili oil @onefifthhouston

A photo posted by One Fifth Houston (@onefifthhouston) on