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There’s About To Be A Whole Lot More Wienerschnitzel In Houston

The hot dog chain will bring 32 locations to Space City

Flickr/Thomas Hawk
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Just in case you were thinking that there weren’t enough places in Houston to find a quick hot dog, the “world’s most wanted wiener” will soon be expanding its presence in the city in a big way.

QSRWeb reports that Houston Wieners LLC (yup, that’s the name) has signed a 32-unit franchise agreement with Wienerschnitzel, the Irvine, California-based hot dog chain that currently operates three restaurants in the city. The massive expansion is set to roll out slowly, with the 32 restaurants opening over a fifteen year period.

"Wienerschnitzel is coming to Houston in a big way and we're confident the passion and experience of Houston Wieners will drive this area development model to be a great success," said Ted Milburn, the chain’s director of franchise development. "Our Texas stores continue to exceed expectations, proving that there is a real demand in the region for what Wienerschnitzel provides.

The first of the new Houston Wienerschnitzel restaurants is set to debut in 2017.

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