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Taste Of Texas Sold Nearly $17 Million Worth Of Steak Last Year

The restaurant is one of the country’s highest-earning independents.

That’s a lot of ribeyes.
Taste of Texas/Facebook

It’s not surprising that Houston’s restaurants, even in the midst of an oil bust, bring in a whole lot of cash. Earlier this year, it was reported that buzzy River Oaks spot Steak 48 was selling upwards of $600,000 in liquor in a single month. Sometimes, though, the city’s most profitable spots can surprise you.

According to an analysis conducted by Restaurant Business, Houston’s own Taste of Texas is one of the country’s most profitable independent restaurants. Last year, the steakhouse sold nearly $17 million worth of ribeyes and baked potatoes, coming in at #41 on the list of 100.

To put that number in perspective, Taste of Texas comes in just behind legendary New York tourist spot Tavern on the Green, and only by a few bucks. Also notable is Taste of Texas’ relatively low average check size — around $55 per person — compared to a spot like Steak 48’s more pricey offerings. Taste of Texas is also the only Texas restaurant that made the cut.

What does that say about Houston’s dining scene? This city still likes steak, and plenty of it.

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