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Black & White Owner Hasn’t Donated His Restaurant Week Proceeds To The Houston Food Bank

Owner Hernan Garcia promises the cash is coming

Black and White
Black and White
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It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Black & White. The Heights eatery first announced that it would close its doors in order to renovate and “refresh” before the Super Bowl, then news came that owner Hernan Garcia still owed his employees their wages. Now, it appears as if Garcia may also have stiffed one of Houston’s biggest charities.

The Houston Business Journal reports that Black & White has still not donated any of the money it collected during Houston Restaurant Weeks, which ended back in September. A spokesperson for the Food Bank told the Journal that the restaurant is one of 14 eateries that has yet to provide their sales information or pass along the donations collected during the annual fundraiser.

In a statement, Garcia said that he “plans” to donate the cash to the Food Bank, pay his employees, and more optimistically, get the restaurant open again at some point in 2017. Time will tell whether or not that actually happens.

Update: Heights-area restaurant yet to pay charity, employees [Houston Business Journal]