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After Black & White’s Shutter, Employees Say Their Checks Bounced

The restaurant’s sudden shutter also came as a shock

Black and White
Black and White
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Generaly, when a restaurant closes its doors, it means that things aren’t going too well on the business side. But at Black & White, it appears as if the problems were a little bit worse than mediocre food or bad management.

The Houston Chronicle reports that a former Black & White employee says that he hasn’t seen a paycheck since before Thanksgiving, and that the paychecks he did receive in recent weeks were returned unpaid when he tried to deposit them. I have five or six different checks (bounce) from $900 to $200 and $800,” the anonymous employee told the Chron. “I've had to pay fees to the bank because of that."

Black & White owner Hernan Garcia told the Chronicle that he was in the process of collecting money from unnamed “partners,” and that he is hoping to pay the employees back within the next few weeks. That said, the anonymous server alleges that Garcia isn’t even allowed on the property at the former restaurant because he’s behind on the rent.

Hernan did not say whether or not the restaurant will reopen next year as promised, but all signs currently point to “no.”

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