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Terrible Listicle Declares Houston a Third-Tier Food City

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This comes as news to all Houstonians

Underbelly Charcuterie
Um, has Food Republic ever been to Underbelly?
Julie Soefer
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Right now, there’s no city in the country getting more love for its food scene than Houston. Folks like Anthony Bourdain, David Chang, Eater critic Bill Addison, and pretty much anyone else with a set of taste buds realizes that Clutch City is one of the most exciting places to eat in the world right now. Apparently, the writers at Food Republic didn’t get that memo.

In a ranking of the U.S.’ best food cities released today, the publication has listed Houston on its third (and bottom) tier, and we’re feeling a little salty about it. There’s really no reasoning as to why Houston ranks in at the bottom alongside Dallas, Atlanta, and Denver, just an arbitrary misunderstanding of Chang’s assertion that H-Town “might be” the country’s hottest new food city.

Check out Food Republic sort-of, kind-of attempting to justify its ranking system:

The reality is that there will never be a definitive answer to the oft-posed query regarding the best food cities in America. The restaurant industry is as unpredictable as any, and a bevy of factors — both expected and unforeseen — could have us reconsidering many of our picks in the coming months or years. Such is the business of opening restaurants, not to mention predicting their success.

Perhaps its better that Houston continue to fly under the radars of food tourists and other folks that are going to crowd up some of Houston’s finest hidden gems. Whether or not the city gets the recognition it deserves, Houstonians know that they’re going to be eating really, really well.

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