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Step Inside Night Market, Asiatown’s Hottest New Spot For Curry & Late Night Eats

Tiger Den & Mein’s Mike Tran strikes gold again

Ellie Sharp

Though it’s difficult to fully recreate the sights, sounds and smells of a classic Asian night market, this street food destination from Mike Tran (Mein, Tiger Den) and chef and business partner Rikesh Patel is still likely to draw crowds seeking hearty fare and rich flavors in a casual environment.

Patel channeled the vibe of night markets and designed the space with lots of raw metal, exposed brick, concrete and stained particle board lit by the dim glow of individual pendant bulbs; a large mural of Asian street art adorns one wall, burlap sacks draw the eye upward and dark ropes provide a simple break between bar seating and booths.

A bright red neon sign glows from above a long, narrow window: as long as the light is on, the restaurant is open for business. Patel explains that though the restaurant opens daily at 5, closing hours will be variable and based on demand with the goal of remaining open until 2AM.

Eater photographer Ellie Sharp stopped by Night Market for a look inside Asiatown’s hottest new restaurant.