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Legendary Leon's Is Back In Business

Recently shuttered dive has returned from the dead - let's hope for good.

Leon's Lounge
Leon's Lounge
Leon's Facebook

It was nearly a year ago to the date when we published that Leon's Lounge had unexpectedly closed and it was time to grieve the loss of another Houston mainstay dive bar. Then in a miraculous turn of events, the bar returned just as surprisingly as it left and everyone sighed relief.

If you didn't know any better, standing in Leon's Lounge one may think they are in a Brooklyn dive bar - old subway tile lining the walls, antique mirrors and dim chandelier lighting and of course the old school cocktails. It's been listed as a bartender's bar, never too crowded, never too empty. A great place to hide out or make a date, but always a great place for a great drink. Cigar smokers have been known to huddle in the alley out back or post up on the patio to indulge in a fine stogie with a whiskey.

Leon's is back and the new owner Duane Bradley (of Davenport) have recently taken over the reigns and things seem to be back to normal, thank god. "I've always loved this space, because it's one of the oldest and most iconic bars in Houston," Bradley said in an interview. "It's a cool layout. You don't see these kind of old buildings anymore. They mostly get torn down and new strip center spaces go up. It's got a lot of character and atmosphere."

Leon's Lounge

1006 McGowen St, Houston, TX 77002 (713) 659-5366