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Tarakaan Fully Commits To Lounge Concept, Closes Kitchen

Popular midtown destination revamps the business model.

Tarakaan is a fresh new face in the ever-expanding Midtown scene making it's grand debut about six months ago. One of the key components of any successful venture in that area is the real estate itself and Tarakaan was fortunate to have opened up shop across from newly developed mid-rise condos and next door to another of Houston's newest hotspots, Clé Nightclub.

In a statement to Eater, owner and manager Piran Esfahani writes that given Tarakaan's location it has in fact decided to cater to the crowds and has adjusted the business model so that the space will now exist solely as an upscale cocktail lounge and bar, sans kitchen.

"With our background in commercial real estate, as well as being established operators with many years of experience opening and managing restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the Houston area, we are constantly reviewing business performance and best use of space. As we celebrate Tarakaan's successes over the past six months, while the venue has earned acclaim and a fan base for its creative Pan Asian menu, it's become evident through guest interactions and alcohol sales that the key draw of the concept is that of an upscale and upbeat lounge and nightclub that complements its particular Midtown location.

Although we still feel strongly about the culinary component, given customer preferences and the direction of sales, the partners have decided to suspend kitchen operations effective today and will focus on operating Tarakaan as a lounge and nightclub going forward."

Tarakaan will continue to serve it's market as a destination of choice for meeting up for a pre-game cocktail, vibing out to the DJ's, celebrating birthdays or special events in the back room.


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