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Chris Shepherd Shares His H-town Breakfast Spots

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This is what fuels the Underbelly champ.

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Underbelly is known for cult-followed twists on comfort food that's inspiration knows no bounds from Vietnam to Mexico to Korea. So we tapped James Beard Award-winning chef Chris Shepherd of Underbelly to help us navigate the diversity of our amazing local breakfast scene.

Chris doesn't have a lot of spare time, so when he's at home it's all about a good frittata and a spicy bloody Mary. However, when he's out and about for breakfast his default spots go much more international and are a true reflection of Houston's cultural spread.

Pho - Chris loves Pho, and it's what's for breakfast in Vietnamese cultures. He's usually at Pho Binh or Pho Saigon in Midtown.

Dim Sum - Dim Sum is effectively the Chinese brunch. Carts roll by with offerings of dumplings, noodles, steamed buns and other delicacies. Chris likes HK Dim Sum in Bellaire because, "It's delicious."  It's adventurous and you should definitely venture.

American BreakfastRevival Market is Chris' go to spot for a traditional American breakfast with the usual suspects of eggs, toast etc, he's likely posted up here for their locally-sourced awesomeness.

Mexican Breakfast - Taqueria Tepatitlan located on N. Main near Calvalcade, is where Mr. Shepherd will be grubbing hard on a traditional Mexican breakfast.

Underbelly - Of course the chef has to make due with his own kitchen, and quite often. He's always making his own concoction of Japanese curry, rice and eggs. At least two times a week.

HK Dim Sum

9889 Bellaire Blvd Ste A-110, Houston, TX 77036 (713) 777-7029 Visit Website

Revival Market

550 Heights Boulevard, , TX 77007 (713) 880-8463 Visit Website


1100 Westheimer Road, , TX 77006 (713) 528-9800 Visit Website

Pho Binh

2916 White Oak Dr, Houston, TX 77007 (832) 830-8900