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Peli Peli Represents H-town On Restaurant Startup

With two locations already buzzing, the South African makes a run at competitive reality TV.

Peli Peli, the South African restaurant with locations now in Vintage Park and the Galleria, recently made a run for more investment capital on the CNBC show Restaurant Startup. After throwing a bash last Wednesday for a viewing paryt, the owners got together to discuss how it all played out.

"We didnt get the investment at the end of the day but proud at how we represented Houston. We thought we had it made after the show and couldnt have been happier", said Thomas Nguyen, owner. "We felt she could take us to the next level but after she came down to Houston and did her due diligence, she wanted us to make substantial changes to our business and how we operate. Some of the things we agreed to, some of it we did not want to do. Tough decision, but I think it was the right one."

To anyone wondering - the show is not scripted. "We get asked this a lot but yes the show was real and not scripted. Yes we did have to work with faulty equipment and it seemed we never had enough time to prepare but I guess thats to make for great tv."

The reason for actually being on the show was to help expand the business. They are eyeing a third location in Spring Branch at the Cambell and I-10 intersection, which they hope to get up and running later this summer.

But in the end we're all winners because some of the featured show items landed on the lunch menu and are available now at both locations.

Peli Peli

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