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Steel City Pops Confirms May Opening

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Craft popsicle purveyors show up right in time.

Steel City Pops
Steel City Pops
Steel City Pops (Facebook)

The rumors are true. Eater connected with management from Steel City Pops and they have confirmed that the first Houston location will kick open it's doors in the Heights in May.  Construction is already underway for their first location in a booming part of the neighborhood at 420 East 20th Street.

In Dallas, where the first Texas locations sprouted up, the management tells Eater that they plan on bringing their popsicle carts for private events, music festivals and other pop-up-friendly destinations in addition to the brick-and-mortar.  They also grow the business organically - managers and staff from Dallas and Alabama will be migrating to Houston and Austin to open shops in those respective towns. AND they donate portions of their proceeds to NeverThirst, a non-profit bringing water to third world countries.

But at the end of the day - we just love the pops, which are divided into fruity and creamy menus. Fruity brings refreshing combos like pineapple-jalapeno, strawberry lemonade and cucumber lime while the creamy offers rich flavors like buttermilk, blueberry cream or coconut (which they use fresh toasted hand shaved coconut).

Just in time for the heat and the humidity. Bring it on.

Steel City Pops

420 E 20th St, Houston, TX 77008, USA