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Platypus Brewing Will Bring Australian-Style Beers To Houston This Summer

Cheers, mates.

Platypus Brewing's new digs on Washington Ave.
Platypus Brewing's new digs on Washington Ave.
Platypus Brewing/Facebook
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Most Texans’ notion of Australian-style beer comes from those terrible Foster’s commercials, but a new brewpub coming to Houston could totally revolutionize your idea of the land down under’s beer scene.

Platypus Brewing, an Australian-style brewpub, will open at 1902 Washington Avenue in the coming months. The brewpub will feature house-brewed beers made with “the very best Australian, U.S. and European hops.” Those beers – no word yet on exactly what styles will be on offer – will be served in an adjacent taproom, which will also serve food crafted from “quality, local Texan ingredients.”

For the uninitiated, Australia has a ridiculously rich beer history. Captain James Cook, the explorer credited with Europe's "discovery" of the continent, brought beer from England on his initial voyage to Australia in 1768. From there, Australia’s first pub opened just a few years later, first cultivated domestic hops in 1804, and in 1824, the country’s first privately-owned brewery kicked open its doors, which remain open to this date.

Back in Texas, Platypus Brewing has plans to open its doors at some point in Summer 2016. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting (and boozy!) new development.