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Help Los 2 Vaqueros Taco Trailer Get Rolling Again After Theft

The Channelview taco trailer was stolen earlier this week

Have you seen this taco trailer?
Have you seen this taco trailer?
Los 2 Vaqueros/Facebook
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Stealing is never cool, but it’s especially terrible when a theft takes away the livelihood of hardworking people. On Monday, Cynthia Gonzalez of Los 2 Vaqueros taco trailer in Channelview discovered that a brazen thief had driven away with the family-owned restaurant.

"At around 4:45 a.m, my top cook Mike phoned me and told me that our place of business was gone. GONE," writes Gonzales. "The news hit me like a ton of bricks, as you grow up you think hard work and dedication will take you far and keep you safe."

According to the Houston Presssurveillance cameras caught some of the theft in action, but police have not yet named a suspect or announced any developments in the investigation.In the meantime, Gonzales, her brother and sister are left without their primary source of income. Making matters worse, Gonzales was still making payments on the trailer, and carried no insurance.

To help get her business back on the road, Gonzales has launched a GoFundMe account. At the time of this writing, nearly half of the campaign’s goal of $5,000 has been raised. With the funds, Gonzales hopes to make a down payment on a replacement trailer, and plans to rent a food truck in the interim.

With any luck, police could recover the trailer. In the meantime, consider showing a little love to a locally-owned establishment going through a rough patch.