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Evelyn’s Park In Bellaire Wants You To Name Their Forthcoming Coffee Shop Concept

Talk about taking crowdsourcing to the next level

A rendering of Evelyn's Park's yet-unnamed cafe concept.
A rendering of Evelyn's Park's yet-unnamed cafe concept.
Evelyn's Park Conservancy
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Evelyn’s Park, a brand new green space currently being developed in Bellaire, will bring a number of exciting new additions to the neighborhood. In addition to a butterfly garden, walking trail, and food truck park, Evelyn’s Park Conservancy plans to bring a casual eatery to the five acre multi-purpose park. To do that, they’re going to need your help.

As Houstonia reported yesterday, Evelyn’s Park Conservancy President Patricia King-Ritter is enlisting Houstonians to help name the park’s forthcoming dining concept. The restaurant will have a “coffee shop feel,” enhanced by a casual and healthy menu created by Jamie and Dalia Zelko, owners of the as-yet-unnamed Evelyn's Park cafe and Zelko Bistro in the Heights.

To submit your entry, you’ll need to come up with a catchy name that goes along with “at Evelyn’s Park,” along with writing a 150-word “justification paragraph” that explains why you chose the name, and how it “embraces the core values of the park.” Entries will be judged by a panel of stakeholders, including the cafe’s operators, members of the Evelyn’s Park board, and Bellaire mayor Andrew Friedberg.

The winner of the contest will be chosen by the panel, and receives some pretty cool prizes. In addition to a one-year membership to Evelyn’s Park, the lucky name-giver will also be invited to bring three guests to dine with Jamie and Dalia Zelko at the new cafe.

If you think you’ve got a winning idea, you can enter the Name On! contest on the Evelyn’s Park website. Submissions are due by March 28.