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Where Chefs Eat: Agricole Hospitality's Ryan Pera and Morgan Weber

The owners of Revival Market, Coltivare, and Eight Row Flint reveal their favorite Houston restaurants and bars

Ryan Pera (left), Morgan Weber (right) at Coltivare.
Ryan Pera (left), Morgan Weber (right) at Coltivare.
Julie Soefer

Chef Ryan Pera and beverage director Morgan Weber are the duo behind Agricole Hospitality, the successful restaurant group that operates Revival Market, Coltivare, and Eight Row Flint. When they're not working in one of their Heights restaurants, the Pera and Morgan like to eat out. Here, the pair reveal some of their favorite Houston haunts, from crawfish restaurants to under-the-radar bars.

Ryan Pera

Where do you go for an easy weeknight dinner?

Hugo's, Order: Chicken taquito, Pulpo al Carbon

I love to sit at the bar with my wife, eat a fantastic dinner, and order mezcal margaritas from Chino, our favorite bartender in town.

What place do you like for a fancy night out?

Oxheart, Order: Tasting menu

Houston is fortunate to have this world class restaurant. Justin is breaking ground in many ways. I'm just happy to reap the benefits.

What's your favorite spot for Vietnamese?

Bellaire, Order: Nam Giao, Mi Quang, Com Hen

My favorite Vietnamese place in Houston. You get a little something different as the cuisine focuses on Hue (the old capital). Where else can you go where the Chef grinds his own rice to make the noodles?

Where do you dine out when crawfish is in season?

Crawfish & Noodles, Order: Spicy crawfish, Tamarind glaze crabs

My favorite crawfish in town. The "spicy" is for real, yet impossible to stop eating.

What's your go-to for Sunday brunch?

Max & Julie, Order: Soft boiled eggs with country ham, Oeffs meurette

Great neighborhood French brasserie. We typically go for an early Sunday brunch, live jazz sets the vibe. Hard to beat great eggs & country bread.

Where do you go for Monday lunch?

Underbelly, Order: Salpicon tostada, Gulf fish

I'm typically off on a Monday, and my favorite Monday lunch spot is Underbelly. They call Chris the Mayor for a reason, he is an inspiration to this city, and I find myself always impressed with his food. He keeps me pushing to be a better chef.

Where to you go for sushi?

Kata Robata, Order: Japanese daily fish, Miso Eggplant with grilled rice

I love sushi, and Kata does an amazing job. As well as the freshest fish, Kata gets the small things right; high quality nori, perfectly cooked rice, a great sake list. Many reasons to come back time and again.

What's your favorite spot for something sweet?

Fluff Bake Bar, Order: Veruca salt cupcake, Fluffernutters

Rebecca and I go way back. I am so proud of her and her shop. She does Houston proud. It's a great place for an afternoon sweet bite or a post restaurant meal.

Morgan Weber

Where do you go for wine?

13 Celsius

I go to 13 Celsius for the atmosphere, the fantastic wine list and friendly staff.

Who has the best patio in town?

It's the perfect day drinking 'ritas situation. The food is great too.

What do you like for lunch on Saturdays?

Hay Merchant
A Cease & Desist burger and farmhouse ale.

Where do you go for after dinner drinks?

Anvil Bar & Refuge
Post-dinner nightcap with the best spirit selection in town. I gravitate to Armagnac and Calvados on such nights.

What's your favorite under-the-radar spot?

The Shiloh Club
To fly under the radar and relax. Weller & Topo Chico: my drink of choice at that establishment.


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Eight Row Flint

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Revival Market

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