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5 Refreshing Mojitos to Sip This Weekend

Chilly crushed iced cocktails to keep you cool all weekend long

Welcome to Something For The Weekend, a bi-weekly look at some of Houston's finest spots to wind down your week with a killer drink. This guide should help you answer the question that comes up every damn Friday: "Where should I drink this weekend?"

Houston’s cocktail scene is as diverse as the character of our country’s citizens: sweet, spicy, sassy, and strong. This week the mojito gets all our love because is there ever a time when that cool combo of muddled mint, sugar, and crisp soda doesn't just hit the spot for perfect refreshment? As we swelter and sweat through the summer let's order a round of these cool libations, some variations of which give the classic mojito some serious competition.

Killen's Steakhouse, Peach Mojito

Jenna K. White

Deanna Killen created this Texas twist on the standard using Gosling's Black Seal Rum, fresh muddled mint, Texas peaches, simple syrup made in-house with extra fine sugar, and lime juice. Everything is shaken with crushed ice, poured into a highball glass, and topped with soda. It's like picking a peach fresh from the orchard — if peaches were filled with booze. (Note: this is a seasonal offering)

Image credit: Jenna K. White

Sal y Pimienta, Mango Mojito

Practice your alliteration as you guzzle this fun variation that features fresh mango and mango pulp for a sweet and scrumptious riff on the classic. Flor de Caña white rum and just a hint of fresh mint pull everything together for a result that's beautiful and luscious — what's not to love?

Image credit: Ellie Sharp

Anvil, Queen's Park Swizzle

Inspired by the traditional cocktail, this rum-heavy drink features fresh mint and lime juice characteristic of its familiar cousin, but the similarities end there. Angostura bitters, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and allspice notes lend a distinctive tone while a float of angostura bitters at the end ups the flavor factor. Imbibers beware: the omission of soda water makes this rendition is extra strong

Image credit: Alex Negranza

Boheme, Frozen Mojito

The ingredients in this uniquely colored blended chilly concoction are a safely guarded secret, but after one taste it's no mystery to see why it has remained a menu constant. With lot of rum, lot of mint, and lot of unidentified fresh fruit juice, the flavor is at once familiar and completely unexpected. Who cares what's in it, just order it!

Image credit: Ellie Sharp

Tony's, Mojito

A classic mojito as it should be: twang from fresh limes, punch from fresh mint, and homemade sugar water that brings the balance of a simply well crafted cocktail. Bacardi Blanco rounds out this year-round favorite and bubbly soda gives the perfect fizz; it pairs sublimely with live piano music in the bar, too.

Image credit: Ellie Sharp