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First Responders Eat For Free At Houston-Area Whataburger Locations Through April 23

Good on ya, Whataburger.

Whataburger rewards Houston's heroes.
Whataburger rewards Houston's heroes.
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The rain has only continued in Houston, forcing hundreds of locals from their homes and causing an incredible amount of property damage. On the front lines of the disaster are first responders – police, fire, and EMT professionals – helping people navigate the crisis. In support of their hard work, the orange-and-white striped fast food heaven that is Whataburger has planned a delicious 'thank you.'

Via the official Whataburger Facebook page, the chain announced that all uniformed first responders can visit one of 129 Houston-area locations for a free meal starting at noon today. From the post:

Recent flooding has devastated our friends and neighbors in the Houston area, and first responders play a vital role in keeping us safe. To honor those who are so instrumental in the relief efforts, Whataburger would like to welcome all uniformed first responders to join us for a free meal at any of our 129 Houston-area restaurants from noon today until Saturday, April 23 at midnight.

Commenters were (obviously) on board with the gesture. “With this, Whataburger, as a company, exemplifies the best qualities about Texas,” wrote one fan. “Thank you for doing your part to honor our local heroes, Whataburger.”

If you happen to know a first responder, first thank them for helping out your fellow Houstonians, then point them in the direction of their nearest Whataburger to snag their All-Time Favorite for free.