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Snap Kitchen Will Set Up Shop Inside Whole Foods Market In The Woodlands

More healthy grab-n-go options are now at Whole Foods

Same food, new setting.
Same food, new setting.
Snap Kitchen/Facebook
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Because there weren’t already enough gluten-free, non-GMO, organic options at Whole Foods, a concept familiar to Houston that bills itself as an "innovator" in healthy takeaway meals will open inside the health food mecca.

Announced via release yesterday afternoon, Snap Kitchen has officially set up shop inside Whole Foods Market in The Woodlands starting today. On offer will be the healthy, mostly gluten-free eats that made the chain a runaway success, like bison quinoa hash and grass-fed lamb lasagna alongside a selection of snacks, desserts, and cold-pressed juices.

The Austin-based purveyor of healthy eats has been testing the program in a variety of stores, including a similar program launched in a Dallas-Fort Worth area Whole Foods earlier this month. "To keep up with the demand of our growing Texas markets and because of our value alignment with Whole Foods Market, we thought it would be the perfect partnership to launch our products in key Whole Foods Market locations," says Martin Berson, Snap Kitchen Co-Founder and President in a statement.

No word yet on whether or not Snap Kitchen will expand their offerings inside other Houston-area Whole Foods stores, which means that only suburbanites will have access to this convenient new addition.