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Vandals Broke A Window And Stole Nam Eatery’s TV Last Night

Despite the break-in, Nam Eatery is still open today

Nam Eatery Vietnamese Cafe/Facebook
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As if it weren’t bad enough that a number of Houston restaurants have sustained flood damage in the past couple of days, a couple of vandals decided to wreak their own kind of havoc in the Heights last night.

According to a post on Nam Eatery Vietnamese Cafe’s Facebook page, the bandits crawled through a shattered plate glass window before making their way inside to steal the restaurant’s television. How rude.

Scope out the damage below:

Despite the damage to the restaurant, Nam Eatery is open today, though they do advise that patrons bring a jacket just in case things get chilly. The owners also recommend bringing an iPad to keep yourself entertained.

If you happen to see someone roaming around the Heights with plenty of cuts from broken glass and a brand new TV, consider dropping the Houston Police Department a tip.