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Just Days After Fire, Construction Is Already Underway At Cleburne Cafeteria

Owner George Mickelis makes good on his promise to rebuild in a hurry

This building is on its way back.
This building is on its way back.
Cleburne Cafeteria/Facebook
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If there’s one thing the Mickelis family, owners of Cleburne Cafeteria, know how to handle, it’s fire. After a devastating fire in 1990 that forced the family to relocate their restaurant, tragedy struck again this week.

The restaurant caught fire around midnight on Monday, and was declared a total loss. Just a few days later, though, Swamplot is reporting that Cleburne Cafeteria will be rebuilt at the site on Bissonnet Street where it’s been open since 1969. Scope out photos of the initial progress below:

According to Cleburne Cafeteria’s publicist, the construction is expected to wrap up within the next six to eight months, which means that regulars won’t have to wait too long to get back to their favorite lunch spot.

Equally exciting is the fact that it appears that at least some of the restaurant’s artwork, painted by Nick Mickelis, will be salvageable. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress in the coming weeks.