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Adam Dorris And Stephen Long Are Planning Two Exciting New Additions To Houston's Bar Scene

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Is Zimm's getting a makeover? Looks like it.
Is Zimm's getting a makeover? Looks like it.
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In today’s dose of epic rumormongering, Houston could be getting new concepts from two high-octane restaurateurs.

First up, it looks as if a new beer bar, likely called Hops Meets Barley, is on the way from Reserve 101’s Stephen Long. A web domain for the restaurant has been registered with WhoIs under Long’s name, and earlier this month, a certificate of occupancy was issued for renovations on a space at 2245 West Alabama.

In equally exciting unconfirmed news, Chef Adam Dorris from Houston’s celebrated Pax Americana is venturing into the booze business. In an interview with Texas Monthly, Dorris tells Layne Lynch that he’s working on a "full beverage bar with simple and delicious food—think full charcuterie, salami, and eventually cheese programs. All made in house."

The new restaurant is likely a collaboration with Dorris' next door neighbor at Pax Americana, Dan Zimmerman. A tipster informed Eater that Zimmerman has been testing out brand new cocktails, perhaps with the intentions of transforming the concept into a new bar, which will likely be called Anodyne.

An Indeed profile for Brett Bryan of Kingfish Hospitality (and manager at Pax Americana) includes a description of his role in developing the concept, and in February, Bryan registered two web domains staking claim to the Anodyne name. A certificate of occupancy was filed in March to renovate Zimm's, which could mean that it is being transformed into the new bar.

Earlier this week, CultureMap reported that Dorris has debuted a rotating nightly burger offering at Zimms, which likely indicates that he’s testing new items for the forthcoming menu at Anodyne.

Eater has reached out to Long and Dorris for more details, and will update this post as information becomes available.