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Cafe Annie Has Officially Been Resurrected

RDG + Bar Annie is no more

Yesterday, RDG + Bar Annie. Today, Cafe Annie.
Yesterday, RDG + Bar Annie. Today, Cafe Annie.
Cafe Annie/Facebook
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If you’ve lived in Houston for at least a decade (or longer), you likely have fond memories of dining at Cafe Annie, the restaurant opened by James Beard Award winning chef Robert Del Grande back in 1981. It was a destination restaurant at the peak of the Southwestern cuisine craze, and now Del Grande is bringing it back.

After being rebranded to RDG + Bar Annie in 2009, the restaurant is officially Cafe Annie once again. Late last night, CultureMap reported that construction crews had descended on RDG + Bar Annie in the wee hours of the morning to convert the concept back into Cafe Annie.

The restaurant’s recognizable signage will be restored, along with an overhaul of the menu. "We're going to kind of roll through different things. It's not that this is a total about face," Del Grande told CultureMap. "We'll still be doing new things as we did before."

As such, some favorites from the current menu will remain, and the transition will be gradual. But as of today, RDG + Bar Annie is no more. Operating now as Cafe Annie, the restaurant will maintain its normal business hours.

RDG + Bar Annie

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