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Pearland Sushi Chef Goes Viral After Butchering Hog In Back Alley Behind Restaurant

Umm, what?

Note: this is not where the butchering happened.
Note: this is not where the butchering happened.
Tose Steak & Sushi/Facebook
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In today’s dose of news that is almost too bizarre to be true, a Pearland restaurant owner is in some serious hot water after photos surfaced online of an animal being butchered in a place that was definitely not a kitchen.

KPRC Houston reports that Jimmy Chi, owner of Tose Steak & Sushi, was caught on film by a passerby as he butchered a hog in an alley behind his restaurant. According to Chi, the hog was a gift from friends who had just returned from a hunting trip, and that he never planned to serve any of the extremely fresh pork to his patrons. Some folks on social media, though, weren’t so sure, as these tweets indicate:

Late last night, Chi posted an update to Tose Steak & Sushi’s Facebook pageannouncing that he would close the restaurant on Friday for a thorough deep cleaning. Pearland health inspectors gave the restaurant a "D" rating last month, but Chi insists that all issues have since been corrected.

"Our restaurant will be closed on May 12th for a voluntary cleaning, organization, & sanitation effort to make sure we improve our food storage & in house systems that we received demerits on our health inspection for," reads the post. "Sorry for the closing, but we want to make sure we go above and beyond our customers expectation for food safety & food quality. Thanks for all the support we've had over the last 24 hrs from loyal customers."