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Dreams Do Come True: New West University Concept Now Delivering Fajitas & Beer

The minds behind West University's newest restaurant
The minds behind West University's newest restaurant
Andy Hemingway
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There’s pretty much nothing better than the classic Tex-Mex combination of a sizzling plate of fajitas paired with copious amounts of beer except having said fajitas and beer delivered straight to your door. Today, the arrival of Fajitas A Go Go makes every Houstonian’s dream come true.

Announced via release, Fajitas A Go Go has officially opened its doors at 5404 Kirby. Described as Houston’s “first top-shelf fajitas to-go concept,” the restaurant will serve up sirloin flap fajitas and grilled proteins that will only be available for delivery and carry-out. A couple of seats will be available for dining in, but you’ll want to plan to take your grub to go here.

Which means that you’ll be able to order up a platter of fajitas, perhaps a quesadilla, and a six-pack of beer to wash it all down with and a friendly delivery man will bring it all to your door faster than you could fire up the grill yourself.

“Houstonians' taste buds deserve an upgraded fajita experience,” says owner and native Houstonian Jeff Black. “Making everything in house from fresh, seasonal ingredients ensures a heightened dining experience, specifically one you can have at home. We are taking customer service capabilities to a higher level by having full control in every step of the process, including delivery.”

Fajitas A Go Go is now open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.  You can place your orders online or by calling the restaurant. Either way, you never have to leave your house again.