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Yikes: Houston Woman Discovers Rusty Slicer Blade Inside Torchy’s Brushfire Taco

That’s not on the menu

The Brushfire taco at Torchy's, sans blade.
The Brushfire taco at Torchy's, sans blade.
Jakeshia Wilmore
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There are a number of accoutrements that a person expects to find on a delicious plate of tacos. Tortillas, cilantro, and perhaps a little pico de gallo. On Tuesday, though, a Houston woman found herself staring at an unlikely garnish atop her plate at Torchy’s Tacos.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Alexa Keel was dining at the Torchy’s location in the Heights when she bit down on something hard. To her surprise, Keel found what she described as a razor blade tucked inside her taco. Fortunately, Keel was not injured, but did note that the blade was "very dull and rusty."

Check out a photo of the blade, which Keel retrieved from her Brushfire taco, below:

When Keel told a Torchy’s employee about her unsavory find, staff told her that the blade was part of a mango slicer used to make salsa in the restaurant. A manager for the restaurant told the Chronicle that Torchy’s has been in contact with Keel, but did not disclose further details about how the incident would be handled.

A later post to Keel’s Facebook page indicates that she spoke with the Torchy’s regional manager in charge of the Houston market, who admitted that the machine "lost" the blade while cutting mangos and assured her that the machine had been fixed.

At this time, Keel has not decided whether or not she will pursue legal action against the chain.