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Grilled Cheese Invasion: Three New Shops Coming to Houston

It's officially a trend

Donut grilled cheese? Sure, why not.
Donut grilled cheese? Sure, why not.
Tom + Chee/Facebook
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Whether you like yours piled high with smoked meats, slathered with fancy sauces, or perhaps even made with donut "bread," Houston’s about to become a great city for grilled cheese lovers as a number of new concepts plan to step up the city’s sandwich game.

First up is Melt, a project from Joe Duong that will land at 14030 Telge in Cypress. Duong’s first restaurant, The Shack Burger Resort earned a great deal of acclaim, including a nod from Houston Chronicle critic Alison Cook’s list of the city’s 100 best restaurants. Posts on Melt’s Facebook page indicate that Duong expects that it will open within the next two weeks.

A little further ahead on the horizon is Tom+Chee, the Cincinnati-based chain made famous by their donut grilled cheese sandwich and an appearance on Shark Tank. The first Houston outpost was expected to open in Katy by the end of 2015, but it would appear that the restaurant, planned for the same development as the new Jinya Ramen, is still in the works.

Also delayed is The Cheese Bar, yet another eatery with a grilled cheese-focused menu. Originally scheduled to open in Cypress in late April, the massive floods that hit Houston last month pushed back building inspections, which means that The Cheese Bar will likely open sometime this month.

It may have taken a little longer than originally expected, but the grilled cheese invasion is officially on in H-Town.