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Where Chefs Eat: Harold's Executive Chef Antoine Ware

How to dine as the chefs do

Chef Antoine Ware knows what's up in the Heights.
Chef Antoine Ware knows what's up in the Heights.
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At Harold’s, Chef Antoine Ware spends his time cooking up comfort food faves for legions of hungry diners. All that work in the kitchen is enough to build up a mighty appetite, one that Ware sates at a variety of restaurants across Houston.

In this installment of Where Chefs Eat, a monthly look at where the professionals dine, Ware dishes on his favorite spot for a late-night dinner and and his favorite old-school H-Town eatery. If you want to eat as the chefs eat, these five spots are an excellent place to start.

What’s your go-to spot for late night eats?

(Drum Roll) BB’s Cafe in the Heights. It’s a Cajun staple in Houston, but it’s my favorite place to go to late at night, especially after cooking all night at Harold's. My go-to order is always the half shrimp Po' boy with an Abita Beer. The beer is made in Louisiana - where I grew up and started my culinary career.

Best bowl of pho?

Pho Binh in the Heights. Whenever I go to Pho Binh, I just get basic bowl of Pho, no meat. I love supporting restaurants in the Heights because it’s where I live and work, and we really have a lot of great places in this neighborhood.

What’s your favorite recently-opened restaurant?

My favorite new restaurant has to be Southern Goods. Chef Patrick is a beast in the kitchen and makes some amazing barbecue, so whenever he does barbecue, I make sure to get some. Plus it’s a bonus that Southern Goods is right down the street from Harold’s!

The old stand-by that you find yourself going back to again and again?

Spaghetti Western on Shepherd is a classic go-to for me. I like a variety of dishes, but the two that I can’t live without are the lasagna and Italian nachos. Both are so good!

Best spot in H-Town to satisfy a sweet tooth?

I can’t get enough of the Fluffernutters at Fluff Bake Bar. Rebecca Masson knows what she’s doing. Those Fluffernutters are the shit!