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Barbecue Week Starts Right This Very Second

Prepare yourself for Houston's finest smoked meats

Since 1935, Pizzitola's has been keeping it real
Since 1935, Pizzitola's has been keeping it real
Katy Norris [EHOU]
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The trendiness of Texas barbecue notwithstanding, Houston’s barbecue scene has been heating up for the past few years. Home to its own distinct style of barbecue, Houston’s pitmasters have been stepping up their game, and diners are clearly enjoying their delectable wares.

With strong options for East Texas, Hill Country, even Tennessee-style ‘cue in Houston, there’s no disputing that this city knows a thing or two about smoked meats. This week, Eater Houston will take a closer look at H-Town’s best barbecue establishments and the city’s finest options for brisket, pulled pork, sausage and more.

Look forward to a map of the most essential barbecue spots, a definitive ranking of the best sides to accompany your smoked meats, and an inside peek at one of Houston’s most popular smokehouses.

Know the scoop on an up-and-coming barbecue spot or a notable dish that can’t be missed? Hit up the tipline.