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Everything You Need To Know About Anthony Bourdain's Visit To Houston

Filming for Parts Unknown, Bourdain took a closer look at our fair city

Bourdain & Slim Thugga talk barbecue and black suede paint jobs
Bourdain & Slim Thugga talk barbecue and black suede paint jobs
Anthony Bourdain/Facebook
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Last week, Anthony Bourdain was everywhere in Houston. In town to film the long-awaited episode of Parts Unknown that the city so deserves, Bourdain made stops at some of the city's most interesting eateries in his week(ish) long visit to H-Town.

If you missed the Bourdain madness, here's everything we know about his visit to Houston. We'll probably have to wait months for Houston's time in the Bourdain-narrated spotlight, but in the meantime we can relive these delicious memories.

– On his first night in Houston, Bourdain visited Plant It Forward, a Montrose farm that employs Congolese refugees. With the cameras present, Bourdain enjoyed a meal of hyper-local produce and 44 Farms beef.

– He met with Udipi Cafe owner Sathish Rao, whom he'd worked with in New York in the 1980s. "He remembered me! He's so down to earth," said Rao, who worked at a Korean grocery store next to the French restaurant where Bourdain worked. "I’ve known him for a long time but I didn’t know how down to earth he would be now that he’s so famous."

– Craving meat, Bourdain headed to Himalaya to film scenes for Parts Unknown. While dining, he chatted up Sugar Land native Sunil Thakkar on as-yet-undisclosed topics.

– He took in a choreographed dance at Keemat Grocers.

Lost In the Supermarket #Houston

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– Later, Bourdain went to La Grange, where the bar says he sipped Ginger Lemon Radlers from Boulevard Brewing on its expansive patio.

– Over the weekend, Bourdain scoped out Burns Original BBQonly to meet up with Houston's own Slim Thug.

With @hogglife101 @bonefromda44 and @davidstunts And yes, that's black SUEDE finish #HOUSTON

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– He posted a pointed middle finger at Donald Trump as he drank tequila and mingled with guests at Evelyn Arana's quinceañera.

Anthony Bourdain Really Loves In-N-Out Burger