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Vote For Your Favorite Houston Barbecue Spot

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Which will reign supreme?

Is it Pizzitola's that is the best? Only you can decide.
Is it Pizzitola's that is the best? Only you can decide.
Katy Norris [EHOU]
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In celebration of Barbecue Week, Eater is dying to know: What's your favorite barbecue spot in Houston?

Do you spend hours waiting in line at Killen's for that excellent brisket, or do you prefer the hole-in-the-wall charm of a spot like Virgie's? Perhaps, instead, you're a fan of Pizzitola's because you've been chowing down on those spareribs since you were a kid.

Houston is a city that is passionate about its smoked meats, and it's time for your voice to be heard. Cast your vote for Houston's best (or your nostalgic favorite!) barbecue establishment. The spot with the most votes will be revealed on Friday, at which time it will claim its title as the city's most beloved barbecue spot.

If you don't see your favorite among the choices, don't despair. Instead, shout it out in the comments, and encourage your fellow enthusiasts to do the same.

Only one spot can take the title – who's it going to be? Voting ends at 12 a.m. on Friday.